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Thanksgiving: 4 Contactless Ways to Give Back

This year, 2020, is unlike any other we will likely ever see again in our lifetimes. An unprecedented hurricane season, uncontrolled wildfires, and a global pandemic have had much of the country holding our collective breath.

Thanksgiving provides a moment in time for us to relax and reflect on what is important to us and remember that there is still a lot of good in this world. It is also a time to reach out and give back to those less fortunate, especially now when so many people have never felt more alone or in need.

The presence of COVID-19 presents a challenge to how many normally spread their goodwill. Public gatherings are highly restrictive and traditional places of charity may be inaccessible. But there are still many ways you can give this Thanksgiving while remaining contactless. Here are four ideas to brighten up someone’s day – any yours too!

Run a Food Drive – The corporate world usually does a tremendous job of facilitating annual food drives. However, with so many employees working from home, it has been difficult for them to collect impressive food stocks. Look for an opportunity to run your own local food drive calling on members of your neighborhood, membership clubs, or religious organizations to help fill the local food banks.

Community Cleanup – After being stuck indoors for months and months, take a few hours with your family and enjoy the fall weather outside. With a picker, rake, or poker, stroll through your neighborhood and pick up the trash others have left behind. Not only will you spruce up your community, but you will also feel proud doing so too!

Donate Blood / Plasma – Never has the need for blood or plasma been so great. Hospitals across the country facing a massive shortage resulting from the coronavirus. Donating blood is quick and relatively painless. If you have more time (upwards of an hour), consider donating plasma, which is in desperate needed by patients everywhere.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter – Our furry (and not so furry) friends need our help too this Thanksgiving. While you may need to interact with others, most animal shelters have a small staff allowing for easy social distancing. Animals can always use the loving touch of a human, exercise outside, or just some good ole’ fashioned play time.

Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, take a moment to help those less fortunate. This year has taken a toll on most of us. Together, we can brighten up someone’s day and make their day, or life, just a little bit better.

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